3000 - DETECTORs - Diode Detectors (Series 3000)
3100 - Diode Detectors for Field Mapping
show product details hide product details MR 31** - DIODE DETECTORs for Relative Measurement
DIODE DETECTORs for Relative Measurement

When using a scanning water phantom these detectors serve for beam characteristics measurement (main profiles, depth dose curve) as well as for data acquisition for isodose calculation (profile set, matrix scan).

Diode Detectors can be used with the electrometer MR 1501 and the water phantom MR 5122M using SW-package MR 7401 (Quality Control System for Relative Dosimetry)

Nominal sensitivity : 100 nC/Gy
Doserate range:     0.03÷30 Gy/min

MR 3111 ... field diode detector for X beams
MR 3121 ... field diode detector for electron beams
MR 3131 ... field diode detector for verification of light and radiation field coincidence