1000 - INSTRUMENTs (Series 1000)
1700 - Current/Charge Sources
show product details hide product details COMING SOON          MR 1710 - CURRENT SOURCEs
for Testing/Intercomparison/Calibration of Electrometers used in Dosimetry
Family of CURRENT SOURCEs designed as Virtual Instruments consisting of HW smart Probe and SW Control Panels.
S. STANDARD CLASS Current Source  ...  Accuracy 0.01%
MR 1710.'FR' S.01.U-2       
    ( 'FR'=FixRange )
   Current Source for Reference utilization
   triax BNC output connector / USB / 2m
   'FR'=200nA     Range: ±200nA   Resolution: 0.002nA
   'FR'=  20nA     Range:   ±20nA  Resolution: 0.0002nA
   'FR'=    2nA     Range:    ±2nA   Resolution: 0.00002nA
   'FR'=200pA     Range: ±200pA   Resolution: 0.002pA
A. REFERENCE CLASS Current Source  ...  Accuracy 0.1%
MR 1710.'FR' A.01.U-2     ( 'FR'=FixRange )
   Current Source for Precise utilization
   triax BNC output connector / USB / 2m
   'FR'=200nA     Range: ±200nA   Resolution: 0.02nA
   'FR'=  20nA     Range:   ±20nA  Resolution: 0.002nA
   'FR'=    2nA     Range:    ±2nA   Resolution: 0.0002nA
   'FR'=200pA     Range: ±200pA   Resolution: 0.02pA
B. ROUTINE CLASS Current Source  ...  Accuracy 0.5%
MR 1710.'FR' B.01.U-2     ( 'FR'=FixRange )
   Current Source for Routine utilization
   triax BNC output connector / USB / 2m
   'FR'=200nA     Range: ±200nA   Resolution: 0.2nA
   'FR'=  20nA     Range:   ±20nA  Resolution: 0.02nA
   'FR'=    2nA     Range:    ±2nA   Resolution: 0.002nA
   'FR'=200pA     Range: ±200pA   Resolution: 0.2pA
Can be delivered with a Certificate from the calibration laboratory with traceability to BIPM
Another cable lenght from range 1÷5m available on request